Monday, 23 May 2022

Since 2011 attempts have been made to revise the curriculum of the Judicial Studies Institute (JSI) to make it more structural, modern and reflective to the current needs of the judicial sector and the society in general. 

The curriculum will stimulate the development of practical skills that the judiciary and supporting staff need for their work.  The following are the curriculum developed by the JSI

  1. Induction course for judicial officers
  2. Induction course for non-judicial officers
  3. Communication & presentation skills course
  4. Court interpreters course
  5. Ict in the administration of justice
  6. Criminal procedure course
  7. Evidence and procedure course
  8. Judgment writing course
  9. Land justice and development course
  10. Gender, the law and practice in uganda
  11. Case management
  12. Judicial ethics and integrity
  13. Financial management for non-finance managers
  14. Human Rights Course