Monday, 23 May 2022


The Judicial Training Institute (JTI) formerly the Judicial Studies Institute is created by an Office Instruction by the Chief  Justice on 21st July, 2017 with a mandate to provide on the job for judicial and non-judicial staff of the Uganda Judiciary and upon request, the JTI can also provide training for stakeholders within the administration of justice not only in Uganda but also in the region and far beyond.

The JTI is guided by government training policies, rules and regulations beside its home grown policies. The policy making body for the JTI is the Governing Council which is headed by a Justice of the Supreme Court.

Among functions of the Institute are;

1.    Provide training to Judiciary staff and staff of the Justice Law and Order Institutions.

 2.    Provide professional training to Governmental, and Non Governmental institutions, and institutions within and outside Uganda.

 3.    Carry out research on the improvement of the administration of justice

 4.    Serve as a repository for all official training materials.

 5.    Develop curriculum for the Institute.

 6.    Carry out training needs assessment for the Judiciary staff.

 7.    Carry out faculty development

 8.    Make proposals for the structure of the Institute.

 9. Fundraising, Linkages, Partnership and Networking with other Institutions especially in the administration of Justice to enhance its activities.

 10.    Carry out any other functions that may be assigned to it by the Chief Justice.

To ensure its effectiveness, the JTI has a core faculty made up of judicial officers, retired judges and specialized resource persons from outside the Judiciary who are committed and who steer its day to day activities.

The vision of the JTI is to become a leading provider of high quality training for excellence in the administration of Justice.

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