Monday, 23 May 2022

Development Partners


JSI works and has linkages with the following Partners

No Logo Organisation

Pepperdine University, U.S.A where it coordinates the Internship program for Law students doing internship in Uganda.

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·         DANIDA


·       ·  International Governance Alliance (IGA)



·         International Justice Mission


·         UNICEF


·         Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC)


·         CEDOVIP


·         Uganda Bankers Association


·         UN WOMEN


·         FIDA


·         Foundation for Human Rights Initiative (FHRI)


·         Freedom House


·         Institute of Security Studies


·         Centre for Reproductive Rights


·         Uganda Revenue Authority


·         Uganda Registration Services Bureau


·         CEDOVIP

    Advocates San Frontiers

·         International Governance Alliance (IGA)


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